Short Film




SHORT FILM BY  Achitaphon Piansukprasert

Fall In love (2015)

Short film/Experimental
A Short Film By Achitaphon Piansukprasert

Runtime : 3.51 M.

Synopsis: Love,Alone,and a girl in dream

Official Selection / Screening
-Marathon 19‬ Thai Short Film and Video Festival

PARADOX (2016)

Short film/Experimental
A Short Film By Achitaphon Piansukprasert

Runtime : 6.52 M.

Synopsis: In to the simple life to philosophy of life.

Director Statement:
PARADOX is concept of East philosophy Tao and Zen in Experimental minimalism surreal short film.

Marathon 20‬ Thai Short Film and Video Festival Thailand

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6 ACRE (2017)

A Documentary By Achitaphon Piansukprasert

Runtime : 6.24

Synopsis: Life of gardener.

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PASSING (2017)

Short film/Experimental
A Short Film By Achitaphon Piansukprasert

Runtime : 6.37 M.

Synopsis: Crossing Remember Of Photographer And Model.

Director Statement:

PASSING Is the third shortfilm by Achitaphon.
PASSING about Crossing remember and forget in time,space of human.


Mermaid’s Comb (2017)

Short film/Experimental

Runtime: 7 minutes 1seconds
Synopsis: A memory of comb from the mermaid.

Director Statement:

This experimental film is inspired by an old tale of a Mermaid who forgets a comb on the bank of a stream, after being seen by an old lady and jumps off to the water. This story has been passed down in the creator’s family and the old lady in the story is in fact his great grandmother. A story which combines faith, birth, death as well as ancient Thai belief about the sprit and life after death. The concept behind the creation of this work came from the creator’s imagination and reinforces the concept of a “personal movie” i.e. a moving image work that inserts the creator’s personal narrative and thoughts into a film. The footage in this work was filmed in an old house, which is the birthplace of the storyteller (mother of the creator), overlapping the creator’s imagination and the story as told by his mother. To ask questions about the origin of the supernatural and fantasy tales, through moving image work.


Spirit (2017)

Short film/Experimental/Poem

Runtime : 14 minutes 54 seconds

Synopsis : Into the nothing.